Blodstoppare Tourniquet Orange

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SICH Tourniquet

length: 93 cm
width: 4 cm
weight: 105 grams.
SICH Tourniquet for congestion or interruption of blood flow in veins and arteries.
The Torniquet is suitable for adults, children and animals

max. diameter of the part of the body – adults: 30 cm
max. diameter of the part of the body – children: 3 cm
Resistance to cold up to -40 degrees (Celsius)
Heat resistance up to 50 degrees (Celsius)

Special patented form of triangle enables quickly and securely to fix the stick and the tail of the rope.
Due to special grey coating it is possible to make markings with any sharp object (bullet cartridge, nail, etc.).
Special patented technology ensures extra strong sticking of the tape and its secure and effective operation at any state, being wet, snow-covered, dirty, in frost and heat.

– Apply the tourniquet and adjust the size and fix it by the hook and loop fastener
– Adjust the pressure by turning the stick
– To fix the pressure, insert the end of the stick into the triangle