Blaser Kikarsikte 1-7×28 iC

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Only with both eyes open, the shooters peripheral vision can truly track game ensuring a safe shot. The Blaser 1–7×28 iC offers this benefit thanks to its true 1x magnification. Ideal for optimum overview and rapid target acquisition.

Blaser 1–7×28 iC
The comfortable eye relief of 90 mm minimizes the risk of recoil induced eye injuries on big bore rifles. The intelligent Variable Dot IVD is an invaluable assistance in hunting for strongly self-protective game which requires instant target acquisition when approaching quickly. Thanks to the 28 mm objective lens the 1–7×28 iC is perfectly usable even in twilight, which makes it a versatile riflescope for worldwide hunting on all seven continents.

IVD (Intelligent Variable Dot), automatically activated illuminated dot for driven hunts
True 1x magnification
Very large field of view of more than 40 m
Large exit pupil of 10 mm with 1x for rapid target acquisition
Large zoom range for universal use
28 mm lens diameter enables a 7x magnification with an exit pupil of 4 mm. This enhances the field of application with poor lighting conditions.